LOS ANGELES, March 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Bob Lindsey, a thirty-two-year veteran and honorably retired Commander of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, announced his 2018 Campaign for Sheriff of Los Angeles County last year. While he has indicated some of his positions on the campaign trail, Candidate Lindsey has decided to restate and clarify several of his positions on key issues relevant to county citizens who will vote in the primary scheduled for June 5, 2018. He’s running on the principal position of, “Let’s get politics out of law enforcement.”

Lindsey says, “By the Sheriff’s Department’s own records, during the last five years, some crimes have increased dramatically1. I feel the Sheriff’s Department’s morale has significantly declined, and for the first time in more than twenty years, the Department’s budget is imbalanced, with the county facing an unprecedented more than $200 million deficit. I intend to resolve these issues and many more.”

Bob Lindsey is an advocate for the Second Amendment, a constitutional right that protects citizens from crime, and tyranny in government by allowing citizens the right to bear arms to protect themselves under times of duress. He says, “There’s a reason our forefathers made the right to bear arms the Second Amendment versus the hundredth. While I am not an advocate of violence, unlawful use of firearms, or terrorism of any kind, I stand behind this amendment because it provides freedom of choice, balance of power, and a commitment to preservation of our total society, not just its parts.”

States that allow non-criminal, mentally stable citizens the right to bear arms through lawful CCW [legal concealed carry license] issuance have significantly lower crime rates2. “If an assailant knows it is possible citizens are carrying guns he or she is much less likely to pursue the crime,” Lindsey says. “Continuing to deny law-abiding citizens access to exercise this inalienable right only serves to undermine the principles of democracy and the labor, foresight, and ingenuity of our forefathers. The national crisis within schools across America suggests a need for programs that equip educators with the resources, training, and skills necessary to protect themselves and our students in hostile environments where they might otherwise perish.”

Candidate Lindsey also plans to implement fair and equitable law-enforcement practices for businesses irrespective of industry. California legalized medical cannabis back in 1996.  As of January 1st, 2018 California legalized adult recreational use of cannabis. According to Lindsey, “Legal cannabis businesses and collectives are currently subject to discrimination, lack of support, and push-back from the Sheriff’s Department. I advocate that the Department must instead act in partnership with the cannabis industry and support the establishment of standards and regulations to serve and protect under the guidelines and mutual covenants agreed upon by all.”

Bob Lindsey is prepared to restore trust by bridging the gap between law enforcement, government, underserved communities, businesses, industries, and the public. “It sickens me to witness the current administration’s lack of commitment in upholding sworn responsibility by instead pursuing private agendas that breach public trust,” said Lindsey. Los Angeles County is home to 10.2 million residents. He concludes, “We must return power to the people and cannot run the risk of leaving the safety of ourselves and our families in the hands of irresponsible leadership.” Bob Lindsey was born and raised in Los Angeles and is committed to preserving it by serving the diverse people that color and breathe life into its landscape.

Bob Lindsey welcomes and encourages the public to join him in his campaign.  Please visit:
https://twitter.com/BobForLASheriff (this is listed incorrectly on his media kit)

Media Contact: PMG: 323.337.9042
Henry Eshelman: heshelman@platformgrp.com

  1. LASD Patrol Station Crime Summary 11/17 https://www.dropbox.com/sh/irb81izdbno0n2v/AACPBs3MnPyvRo23_tlt7veVa?dl=0
  2. Washington Times 07/14/15 https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/jul/14/murder-rates-drop-as-concealed-carry-permits-soar-/

I am Bob Lindsay and I approve this message; signed approval on file here:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/xkii3pwnfwdpu8a/Signed%20Shariff%20release%20scan.pdf?dl=0 .

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