Some of the team behind the failed effort to legalize marijuana for recreational and medical use in Ohio in 2015 are going back to voters again next year.

Jimmy Gould, a backer of the 2015 statewide ballot issue, announced an overview of the “Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Amendment” Monday that he and others are backing in November 2018.

According to a document circulated at the press conference here’s highlights of the plan:

* Would allow for legal cultivation, possession, processing and dispensing by people 21 or older.

* Would not impact the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program.

* Would not allow for public consumption.

* You can grow your own marijuana, but cannot sell it without a license.

In November 2015, voters rejected the ResponsibleOhio ballot issue calling for legalization of medical and recreational marijuana.

* Cities, townships, etc. can approve the number of commercial marijuana businesses that may be permitted to operate in their community.

Lawmakers later legalized marijuana for medical use. The program overseeing that operation is in the works.

We will have more on the 2018 ballot initiative Monday once it is released.

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